Privacy Policy

SPA HOTEL ALPINA Hida-Takayama (hereinafter referred to as HOTEL ALPINA) is committed to ensuring that your personal information is protected. We handle your personal information in accordance with the following principles.

  • Collection of personal information
    The HOTEL ALPINA shall obtain personal information in a manner that is legally appropriate, and will not use deceptive or unlawful means.
  • How we use your information
    The information that we collect about you is used only within the scope necessary for fulfilling the following objectives. In the event that use of the personal information becomes necessary other than the following purposes, the HOTEL ALPINA will obtain your prior consent.
    i1jTo respond to inquiries
    i2jTo make contact to confirm business-related matters and improve our services
    i3jTo send out electronic newsletters containing information on special events and package plans.
  • Access and changes to your personal information
    Upon request, the HOTEL ALPINA shall provide you with information you provided in a prompt manner.

    [Contact Information]
    SPA HOTEL ALPINA (Person in Charge: Shigeki Murai)
    E-mail address: or contact us via our Inquiry Form.
    Phone: +81-(0)577-33-0033 (rep.)
    (Hours: 9:00 ? 17:00 *closed on company holidays)

Established: May 9th, 2008