Hot Spring Bath

Hours of Operation: 15:00-25:00 / 5:00-9:00 / 6:00-9:00 (Dec. - Mar.)

Outdoor Hot Spring Bath

We recommend our outdoor hot spring bath where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the entire city. Featuring glass walls installed around the tub, this hot spring bath offers you a panoramic view of the entire cityscape while soaked in the cozy, hot water. On a sunny day, you will have a chance to embrace the stunning Hida Mountains (Northern Alps). The authenticity of an open-air hot spring can only be enjoyed in a natural setting. Our outdoor bath features open ceilings so you can feel nature, whether it is sun, rain or snow. Feel the breeze in the fresh air of Takayama.
* Please note the outdoor hot spring bath may be closed depending on weather conditions without notice.

Bath Amenities

Make-up products, negative ion hair dryer, shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, cotton buds, shaver (for males), shower cap (for females), and hair band (for females).

Geochemical characteristics and health benefits of hot spring

Name of the hot spring

Oonada Onsen

Water components

Low radiogenic, sodium-chloride spring water (alkalescent hypotonic low-temperature spring)

Health benefits from bathing

General benefits

Good for relief or treatment of neuralgia, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, joint pain, bruises, sprains, chronic gynecological diseases, hemorrhoids, poor blood circulation, convalescence, fatigue and overall health promotion.

Benefits particular to this hot spring water

Gout, arteriosclerosis, high-blood pressure, chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic skin diseases, gynecological diseases, cuts and burns, and physically weak children

Health conditions contraindicated to bathing

Generally contraindicated conditions

Acute illness (fever), active tuberculosis, malignancy, serious heart disease, respiratory impairment, renal insufficiency, hemorrhagic disorders, serious anemia, and other physical disorders in progress and pregnancy (particularly the incipient and last stages of pregnancy).

Health conditions that are contraindicated particular to this hot spring water

No specific diseases

Other characteristics

  • Spring temperature: 31.9 degrees (with ambient air of 13.5 degrees when tested)
  • Water volume: 149.5 liter/min (hot-spring water is supplied through motor pumps in the ground)
  • Perceptual assessment: clear, light yellowy-brown, slightly salty and scent-free
  • pH scale: 7.8
  • Radon: (Rn) 45.5~10-10Ci/kg@i12.5MEE/kgj


Gifu Public Health Inspection Center

Inspection Date

Completed on February 22nd, 2007


Please refrain from bathing if under the influence of alcohol. Please note that the hot spring bath is available only for overnight guests, and no drop-in plans are available.