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Spa Hotel Alpina Hida Takayama


5-41 Nada Town, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture

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3 minutes walk from JR Takayama Station (about 200 m), 5 min walk to Takayama Jinya · 7 mins walk to the old town · 30 mins convenience store
  • JR using JR

    Spa Hotel ALPINA Hida Takayama is a 3-minute walk from JR Takayama Station!
    JR Takayama Station, go straight on the street with Eneos and there is ALPINA right hand side of the third traffic light.
    (Takayama Post Office is opposite the Takayama Post Office)

    From Tokyo
    Tokyo →(Tokaido Shinkansen/1 hour 42 minutes)→Nagoya →(JR Takayama Line/2 hours 20 minutes)→Takayama

    From Osaka
    Shin-Osaka →(Tokaido Shinkansen/51 minutes)→Nagoya →(JR Takayama Line/2 hours 20 minutes)→Takayama

    Nagoya →(JR Takayama Line/2 hours 20 minutes)→Takayama
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Directions to Kanto
    Chuo Expressway · Okaya Junction to Nagano Expressway ~ Nagano Expressway · Matsumoto IC ~ Matsumoto IC R158 to Takayama Direction approximately 90 minutes

    Access method 2: Directions to Kansai
    Take the Meishin Express Ichinomiya JCT towards Takayama Hokuriku-dōko direction Takayama area, get off at Hida Kiyomi IC ~ Take Takayama West IC or Takayama IC - Takayama West IC 15 minutes via R158, 10 minutes from Takayama IC to Old Town

    Parking: 90 units (First come first served basis·No reservation required)
    Fare: 【Until September 30, 2019】500 yen per 1 car or motorcycle (A night/Tax included)
       【From October 1, 2019】600 yen per ordinary car or motorcycle (A night/Tax included)

    <For car navigation users>
    Searching for ALPINA by phone number or address may ALPINA you to a location away from the hotel.
    When using a car navigation system, the most reliable method is to set "Takayama Post Office (Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture 5-chome 95-1 Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture)" diagonally across from ALPINA as the destination.