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Seven reasons to choose

  • Spa Hotel ALPINA Hidatakayama was opened on September 9, 2008 as a hotel that combines the convenience of a business hotel with the comfort of a resort hotel.It is a great feature that it is equipped with a large hot spring bath with natural hot springs in addition to its outstanding location, within 3 minutes walk from JR Takayama Station, and within 10 minutes walking distance to major tourist attractions.
    What kind of hotel is ALPINA? For those who like it, we summarized the seven reasons ALPINA was chosen to know before staying.

Reason 1, Guest room to relax relaxing space to heal tiredness of travel

  • ALPINA are 9 types of rooms in ALPINA. Budget pricing, every room is very comfortable making.
    For example, in a single room, all the rooms are 140 cm wide. Of course, it is also possible to stay reasonably with a couple or two parents, as well as one.
    "I want to enjoy sightseeing and dining altogether" We offer you a relaxing space that is suitable as a base for your trip to such a behavioral person.

Reason 2, Overlooking Takayama city! Outdoor bathing booth enriching the mood of travel

  • A major feature of ALPINA is that it has 100% self-source hot spring.
    Bathrooms are located on the 9th floor of the top floor, and in addition to the "Observatory Bath House" that overlooks the Takayama city, both "genius", "open-air bath", "Neyu bath" and "Tsubo-yu" are equipped with both males and females.

Reason 3, Morning luxury! Buffet style cuisine sticking to sauce baked bread and ingredients

  • Beginning of the day, please have breakfast in ALTERRACE with bright light.
    Every morning, you can find freshly baked crispy bread, and delicious dishes handmade using local Hidatakayama ingredients.Of course, we also have Japanese-style food friendly to the body.

    ·Venue: ALTERRACE (1st floor)
    ·Opening Hours: 7: 00 to 9: 30 (Last entry 9:00)
    ·Number of seats: 54 seats
    ·Fare: 1,480 yen/adult, Children(3 years old ~ elementary school student or under)980 yen, Infants(Children under age 3.)Free

Reason 4, 3 minutes on foot from JR Takayama Station! Many major tourist attractions within 10 minutes walking distance

  • ALPINA is in a very convenient location as a base for sightseeing and business.
    JR Takayama Station is 3 minutes on foot from JR Takayama Station. There are many major tourist spots such as “Furui Machi Nami (old township)”, “Takayama Jinya” and “Morning Market” within 5 to 10 minutes on foot.

Reason 5, Children 's guests Charges for one child with a room charge of ¥ 1,500 possible!

  • Depending on the room type, you can stay for +1,500 yen per child (3 years old ~ elementary school student or less). Of course, we will amenities, towels, room gown etc for children, so please do not worry. (Free infants can also be prepared for a fee separately)

    ※If a child uses one bed, it will be the same price as an adult.
    ※Each room has a capacity. Children under 2 years old are free of charge, but children who are free of charge can not stay if they exceed the capacity.

Reason 6, Hida people search for a recommended restaurant on the terminal! GET ALPINA exclusive coupon!

  • I guess there are many people who are looking forward to eating especially in the trip. Depending on the meal, the impression of the journey will change dramatically. Dinner is feeding into the town the night of the Takayama, we want you to enjoy the Hidatakayama
    ALPINA has prepared an information terminal "Alport" that can search for nearby restaurants in the lobby on the first floor.
    The information here is only local reliable shops that can be recommended only because we live in Hidatakayama.
    You can choose with confidence.
    It is possible to print an ALPINA guest exclusive benefits coupon with a map up to the store as well as a search by easy operation of the touch panel.

Reason 7, plan is always packed to suit you!

  • “I want our customers to relax and Hidatakayama their trip to Hidatakayama”
    From such thought we have many accommodation plan that suits your needs and scenes in ALPINA. You can also feel free to use it not only for business but also for couples, families, friends and so on. Please feel free to ask the staff when you stay.