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You do not know You lose Lucky ALPINA Club full of good things!

  • Join the Spa Hotel Alpina's membership system "ALPINA Club"!
    We can prepare various benefits, such as being able to stay at affordable member rates rather than basic rates, and being able to exchange for gifts according to accumulated points.
    Admission fee is 500 yen, annual fee is free for a long time, expiration date is two years from the last use day.

Merit 1, ALPINA Member are so ALPINA Member!

  • 365 days, room charge (standard rate) is about 10% discount
    ※For reservations of specific plan, discounts may not apply.

    Call or ALPINA Official website (mobile / smart phone is also accepted) By reservation from members only page,
    You can stay at affordable rates.
    ※Depending on the date and room type, the discount rate will be different.

Merit 2, I also have points!

  • Call or ALPINA Official website (mobile / smart phone is also accepted) By reservation from members only page,
    Price charge(Room charge·Breakfast fee)100 yen = 1 point earned!

    ※Save points···
      ·Reward for yourself · Invite your family to a holiday
      ·A souvenir to the company, · A gift for those who are in need
                                  Please use it for!

Merit 3, reservation is lucky!

  • Call or ALPINA Official website (mobile / smart phone is also acceptable) On members'
    Reservations can be made only by membership number, name and accommodation date.
    ※ALPINA Official website, customer's favorite plan are substantial!

Merit 4, check in is easy!

  • Members sign up for quick check-in only!
    It is not necessary to fill in the address and telephone number.

Merit 5, check out is easy!

  • Just pass the membership card to the automatic checkout machine!
    I will not let you wait.

Merit 6, holding only the plan of members only (Occasionally)

  • ·You can participate in the lottery without losing.
    (Past products: Large LCD TV, Blu-ray, Roomba, etc.)
    ·Stamp rally, etc.

Join online or at the front desk

  • Because you can stay at membership fee from the first time you join online, it is very profitable.
    Payment is due at the time of check-in of the first stay.
    Please proceed to the member registration page from the button below.

In case you register directly at the front desk

  • Please download the detailed brochure below and fill in the "ALPINA Club membership application form" and hand it to the front desk staff.
    In case you join the front desk, please understand that the first time stay will be applicable to general rates regardless of one night stay. The application of the membership fee is from the next reservation.
    Payment will be made at the time of application.

    ※Because it is very profitable, membership fee is applied one by one per day for members' staying days.
    ※If members are not staying in the room to which membership fee applies, it will be a general rate.
    ※For booking from other than the telephone or ALPINA Official website member exclusive page, discount · points are not covered.