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Corporate contract

  • Spa Hotel Alpina Hida Takayama accepts accommodation contracts.Ideal for companies that frequently travel around Hidatakayama.Please do not hesitate to contact us. To apply, please download the application form from the "Corporate Membership Application Form" button below, fill in the necessary information, and send a fax. The constitution is as follows.

Article 1 (Member)

  • 1. Spa Hotel Alpina Hida Takayama (hereafter, Hotel) shall be a corporate member who has applied for membership after approving these Terms and conditions and is approved by the Hotel.

Article 2 (Membership benefits)

  • 1. Members can receive discounts from basic accommodation rates by making reservations in advance when using the hotel accommodation facilities. In addition, reservations for introduction from members can also receive discounts accordingly.

Article 3 (Membership validity period)

  • 1. Membership is valid from the day following the application date, three years from the last staying date. If you do not use it for more than 3 years, it will be automatically withdrawn and you will need to reregister.

Article 4 (Members booking route)

  • 1.The member reservation route is only for telephone reservation, and declare that it is a corporate member at the time of reservation.
    Reservations via ALPINA homepage and other booking sites, travel agencies are not covered.

Article 5 (Member declaration)

  • 1.If you do not declare a corporate member at telephone reservation, we can not accept reservations at corporate member rate.

Article 6 (Terms change approval)

  • 1. Regarding the change of this agreement, after notifying the change items from the hotel, the member deems it to have approved the change.

Article 7 (Change of notifying matters)

  • 1. Any changes in the company name, address, telephone number, representative name, person in charge, etc. that a member has reported to the hotel shall be reported to the hotel without delay.

Article 8 (Accounts receivable)

  • 1. We will charge within 1 month from the monthly date of the invoice.

Article 9 (Discount exclusion)

  • 1. Regarding the busy season and the quiet period, there is a date on which discounts can not be made.

Article 10 (Cancellation Fee)

  • General (up to 14) 100% non-day 50% previous day 30% 9 days ago - 20 days ago -
    Group (from 15 to 99 people) N / A 100% on the day 50% previous day 30% 9 days ago 10% 20 days ago -
    Groups(100 or more people) Non-stay 100% 50% previous day 50% 9 days ago 30% 20 days ago 10%

    1.% Is the ratio of the penalty to the basic accommodation fee.
    2.In the event that the contract days are shortened, we will collect a penalty of 1 day (first day) irrespective of the shortened days.
    3.If the contract is canceled for part of group guests (more than 15 people), 10% of the number of guests (fractional) came 10 days before the accommodation (the day on which the application was accepted after the day) In some cases round up. ) We do not receive a penalty charge for the number of people who fall under this category.
    Four.When adding to corporate membership fee (up to 5 rooms), the same reservation will be made and the above contents will be taken.

Article 11 (Number of rooms reserved)

  • Lodging day per day Corporate rate The number of rooms to be applied is limited to 5 rooms, and after 6 rooms are general rates.